Elderberry and Nettle Extract


The most obvious sign of pigment loss is your pet's nose turning pink. This can occur during the winter months, after oestrus (season), in old age or following illness.

Elderberry and Nettle extract uses high concentrate, full strength liquid extracts. These are high in both iodine and iron which are known to help combat pigment loss. Due to the skins renewal process, it will take around 6 weeks of daily us (simply add to your pet's food) to see an improvement.

Active ingredients: 25% elderberry extract, 65% nettle extract, 10% Fucus vesiculosus extract.

Dosage: Give daily. Cats and small dogs (<10kg) 1/4 tsp, medium dogs (10-25kg) 1/2 tsp, large dogs (25-45kg) 1 tsp, giant breeds (>45kg) 1 1/2 tsp.

This product can be used during pregnancy and lactation and is suitable for dogs and cats.