Keeper's Mix ®


Help to super boost your pets diet! Formulated using an 8 herb blend, this product is perfectly balanced to provide natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds. It promotes all round health and supports the vital organs, maintaining natural balance. It also encourages a thick and healthy coat. This can be used for all pets as an all round boost or to provide extra nutritional support for animals performing at high levels or physical demands in working dogs.

Active ingredients: Finely powdered kelp seaweed, celery seeds, lucerne (alfalfa), nettles, rosemary, psyllium husks, clivers and wild yam.

Dosage: Give daily. Cats and small dogs (<10kg) 1 measure, medium dogs (10-25kg)2 measures, large dogs (25-45kg) 3 measures, giant breeds (>45kg) 4 measures. Measure is included in pack and is equivalent to 1/2 tsp. Introduce gradually into your pets food to improve acceptability.

This product can be used during pregnancy and lactation and is suitable for dogs and cats.